Liam & Gwen – Final Book Cover

Twenty-one year old Gwyneth Williams is finally seeing the recompense of her hard work come to fruition. Armed with a degree in Political Science and an LSAT score, which landed her a seat at Harvard Law, she is well on her way to living the life she had once dreamed of; that is, until the day after her 21st birthday. Once told as a child, the demons of her nightmares were all but an illusion; she had eventually forced then into her deep sub-conscious. Now, sixteen years later, the secrets long ago buried, are threatening to be revealed , leaving her family to disclose the hidden truths they had worked so assiduously to conceal. With no other alternative, Gwyneth leaves the only life she has known; relocating to where she hopes her vision of a utopian life awaits her.

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Tania is the author of Contemporary Romance novels The Adair Series. If you want to know more about Tania and her work, please follow her on Twitter: @tania_demelo, Instagram: authortaniademelo, and on her Facebook Page: @taniademeloauthor, and be sure to subscribe to receive updates instantly from the website.

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