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Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to stay away, the plan is already written in the star’s, and it’s pointless to fight it. 

University freshman, Althea “Thea” Adair, has loved Bane Curtis her whole life. However, there are two problems: He’s her brother’s best friend—and much older. Brother’s best friend; easy enough to get passed, but the age gap; not so much—especially for her father. 

Bane Curtis, the town lawyer, has everything be could have ever wanted: A house to call his own, and to have achieved one of his dreams—opening his private law practice. But there is still one thing missing—someone to share it all with. Unfortunately, that is easier said than done—especially when that someone is off-limits. 

He wants her. She wants him. But after a year apart, there is now more in the way than just her father. Now, there is an obstacle that threatens to end it all…to end, their Fated Union.

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