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At nineteen, Grace Andrews had everything going for her, that is until one day when her whole life was turned upside down. Left homeless and embarrassed of what her life has become—she runs.

Carefree, police officer Ewan Adair is dealing with a choice he made of choosing the wrong woman over the one he always thought was his future.

His Princess, Her Savior. Two people trying to find each other and come together, but can they navigate the obstacles that have been put in front of them? Will the accusations of others be too much for them to overcome? One is facing a life behind bars and the other a life only holding on to hope.
Will either of them find their Happily Ever After, or will their fairy tale ending be obliterated and replaced with one of loveless encounters and days filled with wondering who to trust?

A story of two lives brought together in friendship, torn apart by malicious intent and hopefully reunited by love’s undeniable and unbreakable bond.

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