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Twenty-one-year-old Gwyneth Williams is finally seeing the recompense of her hard work come to fruition. Armed with a degree in political science and an LSAT score which landed her a seat at Harvard law, she is well on her way to finally living the life she had only once dreamed of; that is, until the day after her 21st birthday. Once told as a child, the demons of her nightmares were all but an illusion; she had eventually forced them into her deep sub-conscious. Now, sixteen years later, the secrets long ago buried by her Grandfather and Mother are threatening to be revealed, leaving her family to disclose the hidden truths they had worked so assiduously to conceal. With no other alternative, Gwyneth leaves the only life she has known; relocating to where she hopes her vision of a Utopian life awaits her.
Two years later, her past forgotten, Gwen Batin is now looking for that final piece of personal fulfillment; Love. Detective Liam Adair may be the answer, but will his inquisitive nature cause an irreparable distance between them? Will his new case unknowingly open up what Gwen has been hiding? Lastly, will she survive the impending arrival of the one man who has never forgotten her?

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